HIC 2014

Situation Is Dire

According to some scientists some of the aquifers may be smaller than initially thought to be. There is great uncertainty regarding the magnitude of the underground water and only a few of the aquifers has been mapped in detail. According to new studies which used satellites to precise measurements of the groundwater reservoirs and during these studies the satellites noticed subtle changes in the gravitational force of the earth. Water is very heavy and exerts a greater pressure on the orbiting spaceships. As the satellites were in space slight changes in aquifer water levels were noticed from the decade between 2003 and 2013. All this just means that we don’t have an infinite supply of water and the water table is dropping all over the world.

Activities like mining are water intensive and the impact of these activities is obvious in places like the Canning Basin in Australia, which had the third highest rate of depletion in the world. Similar other activities are causing the water levels of the underground reservoirs to become low enough to cause alarm. This is the reason that we need to value our natural resource of water and treat it with respect. Even small measures like reducing water wastage in our homes, offices and industrial units will go a long way in keeping this precious commodity to be available to humankind for a long time. Most governments are making sincere efforts to educate people on the subject of water conservation and the onus is on us to understand the gravity of the situation and take action accordingly.