HIC 2014

The Water Table Is Dropping All Over The World – Nasa Warns Of Dire Consequences

We take water for granted because all we have to do is turn on the tap to get it. However, ground water is becoming lesser and lesser as the water table is dropping all over the world. NASA scientists warn that we need to get our heads together and figure out how to manage the ground water otherwise there will be a global crisis on hands very soon.

Draining underground aquifers

This is happening all over the world according to two new studies by researches of the United States. Twenty one of the 37 largest aquifers of the world in different locations like India, China, the United States and France have gone past their sustainability tipping points. This means that more water is being removed from them than that which is replaced in these important underground reservoirs. Thirteen of these aquifers are in a dangerous state and the situation is quite critical.

Will things improve?

Things don’t seem to be getting any better with time and it is difficult to see a solution to this problem in the near future. It takes thousands of years for ground water reserves to accumulate and they are recharged very slowly by the water from rains and melting of snow. All across the world people are drilling the ground for water and the hidden water reserves are being stressed. 35% of the water used by people around the world is supplied by underground aquifers and the demand becomes more in times of drought. California which is experiencing very less rain is tapping these aquifers for 60% of its water requirement which is more than the usual 40%.