Travel Grants

Please not that the deadline for applying for the Travel Grants has passed. We have assigned all available funds to the final recipients and regrettably cannot accept any additional applications at this point. 

The HIC 2014 organizing committee is happy to announce two travel grant opportunities:

1) HIC2014 Travel Grant Program: To support and encourage participation from continents and countries that are traditionally under-represented at the Hydroinformatics conferences. The program is intended to provide supplemental funds for delegates to travel and attend the HIC2014. More specifically it will

  • provide a HIC2014 registration waiver
  • provide reimbursement for airfare and hotel for up to $1500

The organizing committee anticipates to award 8-10 of these grants. Please send an email inquiry to the Chairperson of the Conference, Michael Piasecki.

2) CUAHSI Student Travel Grants: To support and encourage participation by students to present their research work at the HIC2014 event. The application is open to all students regardless country of origin. More specifically it will:

  • provide a $500 stipend to support travel, attending, and lodging costs
  • for more information on the grant inquire with Jon Pollak at CUAHSI HQ anticipates to award 8-9 of these grants.

Rules and Eligibility for HIC2014 Travel Grant

  1. While there is no restriction on who can apply preference will be given to applicants from countries in Africa and South America in addition to countries where travel related to academic activities is difficult to obtain.
  2. While the program is open to all levels of researchers, we especially encourage students to apply for this opportunity.
  3. This is not a first-come-first-serve program, rather we will collect all applications first before the organizing committee will evaluate all applicants once the deadline has passed.
  4. The deadlines for this program are:
    January 15th     Application Submission
    February 28      Applicant is informed about the decision
  5. Please understand that we cannot send funds to purchase tickets. The successful applicants will be reimbursed for their travel expenses (up to $1500) in person at the end of the HIC2014 event and after having presented their paper(s).
  6. We will also inform you how to use registration system once you have received the HIC2014 registration waiver information.

Application Evaluation Criteria

In order for us to reach a decision on whom to grant the funds we need to ask you to provide us with some information that will be used to evaluate and rank the applications. More specifically we need:

  1. Your full Name including titles and ranks
  2. Contact information
    - mailing address
    - telephone and fax
    - email (preferred!)
  3. Your institution and your role/position you have with that institution. Please give a short summary of your role or position.
  4. A statement why you want to attend this conference
    - why is it important for you
    - why is it important for your institution
    - how does your paper(s) fit into the scheme and how relevant in your opinion are your contributions?
    - is there a history for attendance?
    - is there a special program/initiative at your home institution or in the country that relates to the theme and scope of HIC2014?
  5. An estimated budget for your trip. Since you will be given a registration waiver, just count
    - airfare
    - lodging (Hotel)
    - visa costs
    - local transportation
    - food
  6. A summary of your financial situation and funds that you may have to help make this trip a reality. In other words, what is the approximate amount that you could supply yourself? Preference will be given to individuals who require supplemental funds rather than full coverage.
  7. While there is no formal application template you need to adhere to the following:
    - when putting together your application follow the sequence given by the numbers in the above list (1-6)
    - limit your application to 2 pages! we will not evaluate applications that exceed this page limit.
    - minimum size font is either ARIAL 11, or CALIBRI 10
    - spacing can be single
    - use 1-inch margins all around, no headers, no footers
    - if you can, please use the official letterhead of your institution. In this case we allow for 2.5 pages.