HIC 2014

General Information


For the HIC 2014 we will work with three submissions:

The first, deadline September 2013, is a 300 word (max) abstract based upon which we will make a decision as whether or not to accept your planned contribution.

The second, deadline February 2013, contribution (to be published) is a 2-8 (max) pages Extended Abstract. This Extended Abstract will be published in the HIC 2014 Proceedings, for which we will use a Digital Library such as DSpace.

The third publication will be a special issue on the HIC2014 in the HydroInformatics Journal. This latter one will be for selected full papers only; notice that these full paper contributions will have to go through the regular peer review process and also that eventually not all submitted papers will have a slot in the special issue. We may narrow down contributions by looking a specific theme. Decisions on the selection will be made by the Editorial Board of the journal.

Presentation Format

There will be exactly 15 min for the presentation, 3-4 minutes for discussion and 1-2 minutes to to transition to the next speaker. Presentations should be available as Powerpoint files (97 – 2003; ppt; or 2013; pptx) or as a PDF presentation.  Please make sure that you transfer all files to the local computer and also that you test the presentation. We expect all presenters to appear 10 minutes early to their session so we can set up the presentations. There will be NO other way to present, i.e. no photo slides or overheads.

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